About, WiredWe!

WiredWe.com is a free web application platform for secure Peer to Peer video sharing, screen sharing, File sharing and Audio sharing. This application is developed and managed by an individual contributor.

It uses TSL,SSL protocols and establishes the connection between two browsers for Peer to Peer connection

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Video Conferencing Peer to Peer (Webrtc)

WiredWe.com is an open source secure peer to peer Video conferencing platform. Video Conferencing supports upto 5 to 7 users wih good internet connection, as it uses Mesh technology so the Peer to Peer connection upto 5 to 7 users is possible.

File sharing

WiredWe.com is an open source secure peer to peer file sharing platform. Restrictions in sending exe/jar/zip files? Unable to attach large files in Gmail or dropbox. Here you go! WiredWe is using Peer to Peer File sharing platform fast, secure, reliable and instant. There is no restrictions in File size or Type, no need of server. Realtime Communciation Data channel is used for File sharing, TSL & SSL is already enabled for data transport, along with that each chuck of file has been encrypted on upload and decryted while downloading.

Video Broadcasting

Video Broadcasting (Helpful for Tutors), this is one way communication uses Webrtc to Stream the data to Multi peers, If the Broadcaster has good internet connection then it can be streamed upto 10 to 15 Peer Users this wont take up Server Usage.

Computer Screensharing

In present situation the need for sharing the screen requires additional softwares in the system, our solution dont require additional tools installation, this is fully browser based and one touch screenshare no registration.